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Spider Man 2 Guide

Spider Man 2 Guide

Who's the Venom? Spider Man 2 collectibles guide is tips for beginners, all trophies. We present the map, Spider-bots, Costumes, Prowler's Caches, Symbiont Nests, Photos, Marko's Memories, Mysteria, Brooklyn Visions, FEM Experiments, Flame, Hunter's Curtains.

Last update: 31 October 2023

Our guide to Spider Man 2 describes all the collectibles and the most important locations in the game. Here you will find a list of all Miles' and Peter's suits and tips on fighting the most difficult bosses. On the interactive map, we marked all Spider-bots, Marko's Memories, Prowler Stashes, EMF Experiments, crates with Rare Tech Parts and side missions. We explain how to get city tokens and hero tokens.

Spider Man 2: Guide content

The Spider-Man 2 guide opens with the Basics, where you will find the most important issues related to the game. There you will find a list of all the costumes for Miles and Peter.

The second chapter is an FAQ, which contains answers to the most frequently asked questions. We explain how to unlock fast travel and whether you can freely switch between Peter and Miles. You will find out who Cindy is and how to solve the puzzle in Connors' kitchen.

The largest chapter of the Spider-Man 2 guide is the description of collectibles. On separate pages you will check where are all the Spider-bots, Prowler Stashes, and where to take photos in the city. We thoroughly describe all Marko's Memories, Hunter Blinds and Hunter Bases, Unidentified Targets, EMF Experiment, Flame, Symbiote Nests, FNSM Requests, Unidentified Targets and the Cultural Museum.

In the last chapter, you will read information about the game's length and all editions of Spider Man 2. You will find out how much disk space is needed to install the game. The trophies page will help you get the platinum trophy. We explain how to get trophies like Home Run and Just Let Go.

Spider Man 2: Interactive map

Our guide also includes an interactive map on which we marked all the most important locations and collectibles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. You can check where to find all the Spider-bots, Big Apple Ballers Stadium, and Miles' and Phin's science trophy. We have marked all the crates with rare tech parts.

Spider Man 2: Tips and tricks

  1. Take a moment to learn how to make perfect dodges and parries. Some attacks, especially when fighting a special type of enemy, cannot be avoided. It is best to master dodges and blocks from the very beginning of the game.
  2. Spend your first Tech Parts on suit upgrades instead of new outfits. This will improve health and damage. On the map, you will find many chests with Tech Parts, so collecting these components should not be a problem. You will get the most tech parts for stopping crime, which appears randomly on the map.
  3. Spider-bots are some of the most difficult collectibles to obtain. All other activities and collectibles will appear on the map and mini-map as you fly over buildings. Spider-bots only emit a distinctive sound and glow with pink-green light, and only when you are at the right distance. The best way to find all 42 Spider-bots is to swing between the buildings of the city or jump between the rooftops. When swinging fast, it's easy to miss these little spiders.

You can find more useful beginner tips on the page: Tips and tricks.

Spider Man 2: All suits

There are 34 suits for Peter Parker and 34 suits for Miles Morales in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. On the All suits page, we have detailed descriptions of each of them and how to unlock them.

Spider Man 2: FAQ

  1. How to unlock fast travel? - here you will learn how to use fast travel and when it will be unlocked. In Spider-Man 2, subway travel looks completely different than in the previous game.
  2. Can you switch between Peter and Miles? - in Spider-Man 2, you will be able to choose between playing as Peter and Miles, but only at certain moments in the game. Check out our guide to learn more.
  3. How to solve the piano puzzle in Connors's kitchen? - Here you will find the solution to the puzzle in the Lizard's house. We explain how to solve the piano puzzle and open the door to the basement.
  4. Who is Cindy? - On this page, we described two scenes after the end credits. You will find out which characters can appear in the next game and who Cindy Moon is.

Spider-Man 2: All collectibles

On the page about all collectibles you can check what items you can collect in Spider-Man 2.

  1. Spider-bots - collecting these small mechanical spiders rewards you with experience points and tech parts. Once you have collected the entire collection of 42 Spider-bots, you will unlock the Funky Wireless Protocols trophy and the Agent of SHIELD suit.
  2. Photo OPS - while completing the main story, you will be tasked with collecting 23 photos of the most interesting places in the city. For collecting the entire collection, you will receive experience points and a lot of city tokens.
  3. Prowler Stashes - for finding 10 Prowler Stashes, you will receive a large supply of rare tech parts and learn the secret related to Aaron Davis.
  4. Marko's Memories - if you want to find out what happened to Flint Marko in Spider-Man 2, find all 14 crystals with his memories. For getting the entire collection, you will receive the Grains of Sand trophy, experience points, and city tokens.
  5. Symbiote Nests - destroying 10 symbiote nests will reward you with the King in Black Suit and the Exterminator trophy, as well as a large amount of experience points and hero tokens.
  6. Hunter Blinds and Bases - After clearing 11 Hunter Blinds, you will discover 4 Hunter Bases. In each base you will find a chest with rare tech parts. For eliminating all the bases, you will receive the Seek and Destroy trophy as well as the Last Hunt Suit for Peter and the Most Dangerous Game Suit for Miles.
  7. EMF Experiments - here you will have to solve puzzles involving plants. After completing 9 EMF Experiments, you will receive the Life Story Suit for Peter and the Foundational trophy.
  8. FNSM Requests - there are 6 side missions in the FNSM app. Each mission will reward you with experience points, tech parts, and hero tokens.
  9. Unidentified Targets - once you decrypt messages from 8 Unidentified Targets, you will earn the Data Collector trophy. After touring the Chameleon's apartment, you will discover the truth about the Kraven family.
  10. Mysterium - there are 9 Mysteriums in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. When you complete them, you will unlock the Grand Finale mission, in which you will face Mysterio. For defeating Quentin Beck, you will receive the Smoke and Mirrors Suit and the Behind the Masks trophy.
  11. Brooklyn Visions - in Miles' school you can complete 5 side missions. The last task will reward you with Boricua Suit for Miles.
  12. Cultrural Museums - these collectibles are related to 2 side missions, Bebop and Hard Bop. After completing all the Cultrural Museums, you will receive the City Sounds Suit and My Community trophy.
  13. The Flame - for completing the 4th mission of the Flame, you will receive the Saving Lives Suit for Peter and the Crimson Hour trophy.

Spider Man 2: Trophies

  1. How to unlock the Home Run trophy? - if you have difficulty finding the stadium to earn this trophy, read our guide to find out more.
  2. How to unlock the Just Let Go trophy? - on this page, we explain how to get the most difficult trophy in Spider-Man 2. To find the cup of Miles and Phin, you need to know the previous part of the game well.

You will find more tips about the trophies on the Trophies page.

Spider Man 2: Game length

If you want to check how long it will take you to complete Spider-Man 2, check out the Game length page. There we wrote about the main story, and how much time you will need to spend to complete the game 100% and unlock the platinum trophy.

Spider Man 2: Game editions

On the Game editions page, you will find detailed information about Digital Deluxe edition and what the Spider-Man 2 collector's edition contains. Check which additional suits the more expensive versions of the game offer and what you will receive if you pre-order the game.

About Spider Man 2 Guide

Author : Olga "Hippie" Fiszer for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Video Game

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