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News guides 06 November 2023, 05:22

author: Ewa Ichniowska

For the King 2 - Is there an Offline Mode?

For the King 2 is known for its multiplayer, but does it also have an offline mode? Find the answer in this guide.

Source: For the King 2, developer: IronOak Games

After it’s release on the 2nd of November, For the King 2 has unfortunately struggled with issues negatively impacting the multiplayer. Because of the connection problems, players who are eager to experience the game began to wonder if the game has an online mode. In this guide, we explain all there is to know about For the King 2 offline mode.

For the King 2 - Is there an Offline Mode?

For the King 2 is the sequel to the isometric turn-based RPG with strategy elements. In the second game, the heroes once again have to save the kingdom of Fahrul from a tyrannical rule – this time, the queen.

The first For the King offered both single-player and multiplayer campaigns. The second instalment is the same. Those who prefer to adventure solo and have trouble connecting to the multiplayer servers will be relieved to hear that For the King 2 does offer an offline mode.

What is more, you are not limited to single-player mode while offline. If you get a group of friends or family together, you can experience For the King 2 in the local co-op with up to 4 players. It’s a welcome change from the first game, where only 3 people could play together. Just remember to prepare a controller for every person. You can start a session from the Campaign menu.

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For the King II, developer: IronOak Games

You will be asked to set up your party, customize your characters and their builds. The Multiplayer option below is for starting online co-op.

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For the King II

For the King II

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