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News video games 28 November 2023, 14:00

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Almost 3 Years Ago Investors Sued CDP Over Cyberpunk 2077; Settlement Reaches

After three years, a settlement has been reached on a class action lawsuit filed by US companies against CD Projekt. The dispute concerned the abysmal technical condition of Cyberpunk 2077 on eighth-generation consoles.

Source: CDP

You probably remember that when Cyberpunk 2077 debuted in 2020, it was in a truly deplorable state. Abysmal optimization and numerous bugs affected all platforms on which the game was released, but it was PS4 and Xbox One console owners who faced the biggest problems. The situation was so bad that Sony itself pulled Cyberpunk from the PlayStation store for a while. Disgusted were not only gamers, but also investors.

In late December 2020, two US law firms filed a class action lawsuit against CD Projekt on behalf of the investors. The main allegation of The Shall Law Firm and Rosen Law Firm was that the company "made false and misleading statements and failed to disclose that Cyberpunk 2077 was practically unplayable on current [at the time - ed.) generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles due to a huge number of bugs."

From the report [in Polish] for investors, we learn that after such a long time, a final settlement has finally been reached regarding the lawsuit in question:

"The Board of Directors of CD PROJEKT S.A., based in Warsaw (hence called the "Company"), announces that on November 28, 2023, it was informed by the law firm representing the Company in the U.S. class action lawsuit that the U.S. District Court for the District of Central California had issued an order granting final approval of the settlement."

Progress in the case has been regularly reported by CD Projekt. According to one earlier report [in Polish] the company (along with its insurer) was to pay $1.85 million in U.S. dollars to the aggrieved parties that had filed the class action lawsuit. The approval of the settlement thus ended a dispute that had dragged on for almost three years.

It is worth noting that the technical condition of Cyberpunk has caused the developers many more problems - let's mention, for example, the proceedings initiated by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the drop in share prices on the stock market or many other attempts to file lawsuits. Developers have more than once apologized for the disastrous debut of the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 has come a long way since its release and is practically a different game at this point. The developers have been rolling out a number of updates to improve optimization. Not long ago, a huge update 2.0, which drastically changed many mechanics, has been released. CD Projekt, learning from the mistakes of the base game, released a story expansion titled Phantom Liberty, which received very good reviews.

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