The Blog Relaunched as Miki, No Longer as Kiara Belle

One thing that never changes no matter how much time passes is the fact that the act of writing itself still makes me feel liberated more than anything. I could not write here as much as I wanted to as my lifestyle got so much busier after we moved to the United States, compared to the time we used to live in Germany. My life keeps on evolving and I felt that the concepts of this website also need to be updated.

I’m officially announcing here that I relaunched my personal blog as from

I was using the name, Kiara Belle, as a writer for these 5 years to mostly focus on creative writing but the name got confusing as I have multiple online platforms. From now on, I will be only using my real name, Miki.

I’ll start to write more about sustainable and mindful living as I educate myself more. I truly appreciate if you still stay connected.


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I am a woman from Japan in the U.S. who is a coffee addict, a yorkie Mama and cares about sustainable and mindful living

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