Living as INFP: From a Japanese Teacher to a Product Designer

Ever since we moved back to the States over 3 years ago, I was looking for a way to detach myself from Japan and Japanese (work-wise only) to be fully assimilated into the mainstream American society but all I knew was to teach Japanese, (which I enjoy), not knowing what I really wanted to do other than passively investing in stocks and real estate, I always felt like I was not good enough here as long as I was making a living based on the fact that I was Japanese, being fully aware it was such a twisted, untrue and even toxic way of thinking.

What saved me from this feeling of hell that was almost like depression was my career consultant. He guided me to embrace the fact that I was INFP and I followed his advice with more research and lots of thinking.

Today, I got accepted to the program to be a UX/UI designer (product designer) at the George Washington University. The program starts in a few weeks. I am almost 36 already and it is going to be quite a career change but I hope I could graduate and make it.


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