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I am a woman from Japan in the U.S. who is a coffee addict, a yorkie Mama and cares about sustainable and mindful living

About Me

I decided to start my own website here in 2015 since I enjoy writing in general and it means a lot to me to do so in English as my voice can reach the global audience. My name is Miki. I am from Japan and went to college in the United States. After living in…

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The Effect of Morning Walks

A quick breakfast and a big mug of Cappuccino later, I get dressed quickly while my dog, Jasmine, the giant yorkie, jumps on the door of my closet, begging me to hurry up. I grab her leash and the keys and we head out to the outside world. We repeat this every single day when…

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Living Sustainably Here in America

As I also wrote before, after I realized how materialistic wealth did not contribute to happiness from a certain point, I gradually started to practice meditation to be free from various attachments and to learn to adapt the concepts of minimalism and living mindfully and sustainably by embracing the ordinary in life. I simply wanted…

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