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Last Night

“What have I done?” She wakes up, feeling the huge pang of regret. This is certainly not about hangover. This is not about one-night stand, either. She wishes things were simpler like that. She has gotten over those sorts of craziness when she was twenty-three. Really. The dazzling summer sunlight that enters her bedroom window does…

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The Twelve-hour Sleep

It is the escape from your reality, It is the cure of your mind, It is the reward addressed to you Until the short hand of the clock makes a circle. No need to drink, No need to eat, No talk, No argument, Just- Let your eyes closed, Let your mouth breathe, Let your heart…

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Dear Our Beloved Golden Retriever

When the yellow-whitish-haired angels were about to sleep on the warm blue carpet, the outside world was already surrounded by the cold darkness. It was the snow-colored February, their birthday, their a-day old. Sniffing the smell of the brand new world mixed with bitterness and sweetness, their curious brown noses searched for the milky scent…

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