Mindful Living

Journaling as Self-Care

keeping a journal has always been my ultimate method of self-care to objectively listen to the inner voice by embracing the raw emotions free from judgement ever since I was 13 to cope with the feelings that resemble anxiety and depression. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been healed by the power of words like that.

When I am feeling down, I just slowly process the negative feelings to objectively analyze them through writing and I usually tend to feel much better after doing so as I feel like I could let those feelings go after I write.

As I age, I also learned to use journaling as a habit to express gratitude. By expressing the facts that I am grateful for in my daily life, I feel like I can be easily surrounded by positive energy filled with hope after I am done writing.

The beauty of the written words on your notebook is the fact that you can also always read them again later to reflect your thinking process and feelings in the past to reminisce, as if looking at the old photographs of yourself. It is like the communication between what you used to be and what you have become to acknowledge the growth within you that only you can tell, which I personally find pretty interesting and meaningful.

Journaling might seem to be such a simple act but it can be more powerful than you think it is when such various prospectives are considered.

What about you? What are the positive effects you feel when your journal?