Mindful Living

The Effect of Morning Walks

A quick breakfast and a big mug of Cappuccino later, I get dressed quickly while my dog, Jasmine, the giant yorkie, jumps on the door of my closet, begging me to hurry up. I grab her leash and the keys and we head out to the outside world. We repeat this every single day when the weather permits and this is the routine so dear to me.

We usually walk for 15 to 35 minutes in the morning, depending on my schedule. We smell and breathe how season changes as we occasionally greet other dogs and their owners. 

As I continue this routine for over two years, I started to clearly notice how the walks are helping me to maintain my healthy mental status even during the lockdown due to the pandemic of COVID-19. 

I have read several articles about how morning walks have the effect to prevent from being suffered from depression and to improve the condition if you are suffering from it. With my body and mind, I am strongly sensing how true that is. 

The walks perhaps have the similar effect to meditation. As you walk, you are entirely focused on the now by acknowledging the scent of the trees and the air that surrounds your body. Feeling the nature with everything I am, I embrace the oxytocin in me as Jasmine gives me eye contact.

Even though I also walk her in the afternoon, the freshness and the sensation I feel during the morning walks are unbeatable. They simply keep me going throughout the day, making me grateful that I get to share such peaceful moments with her. 

How do you feel when you walk in the morning?